Evaluating the Co-Translational Framework for systematic translation of scientific knowledge towards implementation

The University of Toronto’s Translational Research Program (TRP) is a graduate program that developed the Co-Translational Framework (CTF) to systematically mobilize research towards innovations to improve health outcomes.
The Translational Research for Innovation initiative is the research mechanism to help validate the CTF to facilitate meaningful collaboration between industry and academia. Using the CTF, the intern and an industry partner, HealthEdge Innovation Inc and a clientele will be working on multiple research cases to mobilize basic science research with the goal of therapeutic development. The first sample research case is on Rett Syndrome. This project will benefit HealthEdge and its clientele by exposing them to the new framework of how to mobilize research and expand their knowledge base and expertise of translational research through a systematic approach. This exposure and experience may also improve both HealthEdge and its clienteles’ own internal processes in the future to become more efficient and to increase buy-in from other collaborators in the field.

Faculty Supervisor:

Joseph Ferenbok


Helen Liu


HealthEdge Innovation Inc.








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