Evaluating the knowledge attitudes and perceptions of new users toward different exoskeletons

The proposed research has the following objectives: 1) Review available research on exoskeletons to better understand the technology. 2a) – Interview industry partners to identify tasks that may benefit from exoskeletons, b)– industry partners with experience using exoskeleton will be asked to give feedback on what works and what challenges occur when implementing exoskeletons. 3) With the information from the last objective, tasks will be physically replicated to test different exoskeletons on simulated tasks in a lab setting. 4) Participants will fill out survey questionnaires based on their experience and use of the exoskeletons
This research will provide an understanding of the technology of exoskeletons, that will help with the implementation of this ergonomics solution that could have a significant impact in the manufacturing industry by lowering injury risk and decreasing discomfort at work.

Faculty Supervisor:

Allison Stephens


Jack Wang


Sandalwood of Canada Ltd




Professional, scientific and technical services


Fanshawe College



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