Evaluating the potential and active mechanisms of methane mitigating additives utilized in dairy manure lagoons

The emission of methane, which has the ability to trap heat 25 times more than carbon dioxide, is lost during dairy manure processing and storage in lagoons before land application. The proposed research shall evaluate for the first time three new methods of reducing these emissions. The methods that shall be investigated include a novel synthetic enteric methane formation inhibitor (3-nitroxylpronanol), Penergetic g and biochar (charcoal) in pilot-scale systems. In addition, the mechanism by which these additives reduce the emission of methane shall be investigated. The last part of the research shall involve the study of the changes to the microbial population profile caused by the addition of these methane reducing compounds.

Faculty Supervisor:

Brandon Gilroyed


Valentine Nkemka Nkongndem


InnoTech Alberta Inc


Environmental sciences


Environmental industry




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