Evaluating the prospective benefits of physical demands description (PDD) data created from job simulations

Every job at Ford Motor Company should have an associated document describing the physical demands (i.e., lifting, climbing, pushing, etc.) required in that job. This information is important to select job candidates with the right blend of capabilities to be able to safely meet these demands. Perhaps more importantly, this information also provides a benchmark to guide health care providers in helping injured workers rehabilitate their capabilities so that they can again return to their job, safely meeting the job’s demands. However, it is very time consuming to generate these reports and many health care providers often wish they had more details. With advances in the ability to simulate work using computer programs, there is a new opportunity to more quickly generate very detailed physical demand summary reports. This project will evaluate health care provider’s preferences regarding the usefulness of reports generated from work simulations compared to the traditional reports.

Faculty Supervisor:

Steven Fischer


Nicholas Patrick


Ford Motor Company




Medical devices


University of Waterloo



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