Evaluating the Risk of Climate Change and Hydraulic Processes to Linear Infrastructure

Networks of linear Infrastructure, such as our roads and pipelines, allow us to move people, natural resources, and manufactured goods. Common practice has been to utilise historic climatic data to establish deterministic design guidelines for water course crossings. With climate change uncertainly, asset managers are in a position where they are questioning the guidelines and their current infrastructure robustness. This project proposes to produce an integrated approach that provides the framework, analytical methods, and supporting science for assessing linear infrastructure robustness in the face of climate change uncertainty This approach will provide equity to communities through design criteria that integrate environmental, social and economic values directly linked to geomorphic process. From this project, SNC Lavalin will gain additional modelling tools and an improved understanding of geomorphological processes to provide the stakeholders of linear infrastructure construction and rehabilitation projects with more information while making risk analysis decisions.

Faculty Supervisor:

Bruce MacVicar


Andrew Clow


SNC-Lavalin Group Inc


Engineering - civil


Natural resources




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