Evaluation, analysis and design of flood-related climate change adaptation policies for Coastal B.C.

Under the 2010, Preparing for Climate Change: British Columbia’s Adaptation Strategy (Ministry of Environment, 2010) the Government of British Columbia has been tasked with integrating aspects of adaptation planning into their policies, legislation and regulations. By evaluating the policies and programs that the Government of B.C. has legislated and implemented to date, this internship will assess the preparedness and resiliency of the coastal communities of the province. In collaboration with the Arlington Group, the intern will focus on a qualitative analysis of current flood management policies and programs within the Government of B.C., designing flood management policy alternatives when existing policies hinder adaptive measures, and then exploring the effects of flood-related climate change adaptation policies on spatial planning. Through these three broad steps, this internship will help to evaluate, and then support, flood-related policies relevant to coastal communities in B.C.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Maged Senbel


Amanda Grochowich


Arlington Group Planning & Architecture


Urban studies


Environmental industry


University of British Columbia



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