Evaluation and development of a waste heat utilization strategy for the Hamilton Bayfront Industrial Area

The project deal with identifying the sources of waste heat recovery in the industries located in Hamilton Bayfront area and utilizing the available waste heat in either within the process of waste heat generator or utilizing the energy in any of the partner industry. The project also deal with harnessing the waste heat and utilizing it for district energy needs. The research of this project will have two benefits

1. Reducing GHG emission in Hamilton by reducing the emissions of industries operating in Hamilton Bayfront Area
2. Exploring potential for district heating in Hamilton City by utilizing low grade industrial heat for domestic heating water, Space heating and cooling. This will also result in GHG reduction for residential and commercial building operating within city of Hamilton

Faculty Supervisor:

Chi Tang


Muhammad Yaseen Syed;Avani Kirit Mehta


Hamilton Chamber of Commerce




Other services (except public administration)


McMaster University



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