Evaluation and validation of end users’ perception, attitude and behaviour toward iAccompany online healthcare services

Scheduling multiple health appointments is a complex task for older adults who may have cognitive decline or in some cases general weakness or apathy. One of the way to support their caregiver is a to provide an app as a digital tool that allows the adult children of aging adults and the nurses to collaborate via the platform to ensure the older adults are taken care of by all the healthcare providers. iAccompany is a Canadian company offering a platform which development is in the initial implementation phase. This project aims to evaluate the perception and attitude of adult children and healthcare professional toward iAccompany apps (adult children’ version, healthcare professional version). This project aims to evaluate the design, usability and acceptability of the platform. General feedback will be also collected from both adult children and healthcare professionals to improve the commercialized version of the platform.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mohamed-Amine Choukou


Jasem Bani Hani


Epyonne Healthcare Relationship Management Inc.




Other services (except public administration)


University of Manitoba



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