Evaluation of a micro homes pilot project in Ontario; co-designing best practices for the implementation of housing projects to address chronic homelessness

In recent years, significant attention has been paid to ending chronic homelessness in Canadian communities. As communities implement these initiatives, they confront many practical problems. Given the nuances of implementation and the many decisions and compromises that communities need to make, having a robust and thoughtful community engagement and co-design process that incorporates the relevant stakeholders is essential. Using a 10 unit micro home project as the research site, the aim of this project is to: 1) Research how community members, policy makers, researchers, and service providers can be brought together in a participatory and co-production process to design and implement local supportive housing projects; 2) Understand the impact of the micro-homes project from the perspective of four main stakeholder groups: residents of the homes, residents of the surrounding community, local business owners, and the frontline staff.

Faculty Supervisor:

Tyler Frederick;Lorraine Closs


Shannon Wilson


The Regional Municipality of Durham


Resources and environmental management






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