Evaluation of a School Active Travel initiative

The number of children being driven to school has substantially increased over the past few decades—fewer children are walking or bicycling to school. There is good evidence to suggest that programs promoting walking or cycling to school may increase physical activity in children’s lives. With limited funds available, it is important to document the effectiveness of these programs across schools and settings.
In this project we focus on evaluating a behaviour change program meant to encourage more cycling to school, delivered by partner organization HUB Cycling to students in Vancouver elementary schools. Part of the evaluation seeks to understand how well the program succeeded in encouraging students and families to change their school travel. This internship will provide the partner organization with resources to justify to potential funders and partners the importance of supporting and participating in a cycling education program.

Faculty Supervisor:

Meghan Winters


Stephanie Sersli


HUB Cycling




Environmental industry


Simon Fraser University



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