Evaluation of a Sport for Development Program: The Case of the Pour 3 Points Organization in Montreal

Sport for development programmes have grown substantially given the increase in public awareness regarding sport as a tool for social development. An example is the Pour 3 Points (P3P) organization in Montreal, which offers training for sport coaches on how to foster positive development of youth in disadvantaged communities. To date only one study has investigated the learning experiences of coaches in this program, yet the organization has never done an empirical evaluation of its effects on participants and the context. Thus, this proposed research was collaboratively designed and conceptualized by members of the research team and the P3P organization with the purpose to evaluate their effect on trainee coaches, youth student-athletes coached by these trainees, as well as on the school and the family contexts. A mixed-method approach will be used to assess the effects on these multiple dimensions. The effects on coaches will be assessed using a questionnaire measuring personal values, document analysis to measure attitudes, as well as observation tools to examine coaching behaviours. The effect on athlete development will be evaluated using quantitative questionnaires designed to measure positive youth development through sport, their experience and life skills learned, as well as their academic achievement.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sébastien Arcand


William Falcao


Pour 3 Points






HEC Montréal



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