Evaluation of Additive Manufacturing for Landing Gears

Additive Manufacturing (AM) shows great potential for reducing important production factors such as overall weight and Buy-to-Fly ratio. The objective of this project is to identify and apply AM to landing gear parts for weight reduction and improved sustainability. To reach this target, the most promising AM technology must first be identified, followed by validation of the post-processes applied to the parts and the requirements needed to achieve certification. The intern will identify the landing gear components most suitable for AM applications. Once parts are identified, evaluation of the applicable post-fusion processes and the existing specifications associated based on a literature review and mechanical testing will be undertaken. This internship will help to define the required steps for reaching certification of parts fabricated by AM. It is believed that AM technology will provide Héroux- Devtek with a significant technological edge that could enable the company to increase its international market-share.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mathieu Brochu


Jason Milligan





Aerospace and defense


McGill University



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