Evaluation of CO2 Storage Potential in the Deep Mannville Coals – Phase 1: Vertical Well Injection Testing

To support blue hydrogen economy processes that generate CO2 as a by-product, and greenhouse gas (GHG) sequestration studies in general, the injection and storage of CO2 into deep (~1500m), un-minable coal seams hosted in the Mannville Formation of Alberta will be studied. A vertical (pilot) well will be drilled, cored, and completed in the target Mannville coal seams, and tested to determine the suitability of deep Mannville coals of Alberta for CO2 sequestration. The interns hired for this research program will perform laboratory and field data analysis associated with the vertical pilot well testing program to assist with the evaluation of the Mannville coal as a target for CO2 storage. This evaluation is of great importance to the partner organization because they they require a suitable repository for CO2, which is a by-product of their hydrogen-generating process.

Faculty Supervisor:

Christopher R Clarkson


Chengyao Song;Le Luo;Yun Yang


Cvictus Inc.


Geography / Geology / Earth science




University of Calgary


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