Evaluation of fiber-reinforced polymer composite tubulars for high-temperature environment operation

Fiber-reinforced polymer composites (FRPC) have long been recognized for their high strength-to-mass and stiffness-to-mass ratios and excellent corrosion resistance. Certain emerging technologies in the oil and gas industry do not permit the use of metallic structures, and FRPC are therefore considered as an alternative. Conventional polymer materials are usually not capable of sustaining the environmental conditions that exist for the considered applications, which includes temperatures in excess of the boiling point of water, and exposure to hydrocarbons and water. However, relatively new polymer materials, such as bismaleimide resins (BMI) are available that were synthesized for operation in challenging environments. These materials were developed mostly for aerospace applications, and hence, little information and experience exists with respect to application conditions in the oil and gas industry. In this internship project, procedures for experimental testing and test data evaluation will be performed to investigate the performance of HT-FRPC tubulars under relevant environmental conditions.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Pierre Mertiny


Mohammad Towhidul Bashar


Schlumberger Canada Ltd.


Engineering - mechanical


Oil and gas


University of Alberta



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