Evaluation of interventions for improving maternal, newborn, and child health outcomes: Systematic literature reviews and network meta-analyses

Poor nutrition, sanitation and hygiene, and infectious diseases during pregnancy and early childhood can lead to poor growth and development that can be everlasting negative effects on the child. A large number of clinical trials have been conducted, but as many interventions have not been compared against each other, it is unclear what interventions are effective and should be provided over different life stages of the child. Instead of pairwise meta-analysis, which has been done in the existing literature reviews, this project aims to utilize network meta-analysis (NMA), an analytical approach that utilizes all of the available evidence, direct or indirect comparisons. This intern and MTEK Sciences are partnering up to perform comprehensive reviews on interventions aimed to improve maternal and child health outcomes. The reviews will be analyzed with NMAs by statisticians at MTEK to inform Canadian and international policies on maternal and child health.

Faculty Supervisor:

Richard Lester


Jay Park


MTEK Sciences Inc




Medical devices




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