Evaluation of Ion-Exchange and Nanofiltration as Effective Methods for the Removal of Trihalomethanes Pre-cursors at the Waterhen Water Treatment Plant

This project aims to establish an ion-exchange/nanofiltration pilot study at the Waterhen water treatment plant. A natural result of the chlorination disinfection process in water treatment is the formation of disinfection by-products (DBP), a family of known carcinogens. This project aims to limit the formation of these DBP by removal of their precursors using the newly implemented pilot system. KGS Group is a contributing partner to this project, and will benefit from the interaction with the University and the expertise and the analysis that they have to offer. Manitoba Aboriginal and Northern Affairs (MANA) aims to improve the local water quality of their representing Manitoba water treatment plants. This research will aim to improve the availability of safe drinking water to the residents of Waterhen, Manitoba.

Faculty Supervisor:

Beata Gorczyca


Kenneth Brezinski


Kontzamanis Graumann Smith Macmillan Inc


Engineering - civil


Environmental industry


University of Manitoba



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