Evaluation of Mazzaella Japonica as a Food Additive for Ruminants

In collaboration between Thompson Rivers University (TRU) and Beaver Meadow Farms (BMF), we propose to investigate the invasive foreign red seaweed Mazzaella Japonica as a food additive for ruminant livestock, primarily cattle. BMF is a multi-faceted agricultural company based on northern Vancouver Island built around organic pasture-raised cattle but also the harvest of storm-cast Mazzaella Japonica. Recent work using a similar red seaweed species has shown that its inclusion in livestock diets is beneficial to: (1) increase omega fatty acid concentration in meat, (2) facilitate uptake of nutrients present in the animal feed, and (3) mitigate the formation of methane gas caused by the bacteria in the rumen. Particular nutrients within algae are attributed to their success as feed additives, and if similar chemicals are obtained from M. japonica it may prove a valuable resource. To BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

John Church


Spencer Serin


Beaver Meadow Farms


Resources and environmental management






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