Evaluation of National Physical Activity Initiatives

In 2007, ParticipACTION was relaunched in Canada with the goal of inspiring and supporting active living and sport participation for Canadians. The focus of ParticipACTION is on social marketing initiatives The objective of the proposed internship is to take advantage of data collected through internal evaluations commissioned by ParticipACTION of two national campaigns – Teen Challenge, and Sports Day in Canada, and address a number of knowledge gaps in the physical activity research field. First, what role can microgrants play in supporting community capacity to promote physical activity? Second, what role do large scale, one-off sporting and PA events like Sports Day in Canada perform in encouraging sport and physical activity participation? ParticipACTION will benefit from having a graduate trainee with research experience and competency in statistical analyses. ParticipACTION does not currently have the capacity or the statistical expertise to conduct the work being proposed. Findings from the described project will be used to inform the future planning and delivery of the two initiatives. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Guy Faulkner


Lauren White






Sports and recreation


University of Toronto



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