Evaluation of nutrition (growth medium) on terpene production in Cannabis sativa

Cannabis sativa plants accumulate a suite of volatile biochemical compounds known as mono- and sesquiterpenes that determinethe characteristic scent of the plant, and contribute to its therapeutic properties in two ways. First, a 10-carbon terpene (amonoterpene) precursor makes up part of cannabinoid molecules, the key medicinal constituents of C. sativa plants. Second, someterpenes (e.g., geraniol and ?-caryophyllene) have potent medicinal properties of their own. There is therefore substantial interest inenhancing terpene production in cannabis plants. In this context, BlueSky Organics (BSO) has developed a number of grow media(substrates) for cultivation of C. sativa plants, and believes that plants grown on some of these media accumulate higher levels ofterpenes. The main objectives of the proposed work are to develop a method for the extraction and analysis of cannabis terpenes,determine volatile terpene content in cannabis strains developed at BlueSky Organics, and evaluate the effects of substrate onterpene production in up to three commercial cannabis strains.

Faculty Supervisor:

Soheil Mahmoud


Ayelign Mengesha Adal


BlueSky Organics








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