Evaluation of performance characteristics and applications for foam concrete materials

Foamed concrete is a low-density product, created by blending a cement paste with a foaming agent. The foam is stable during the set-up of the concrete, resulting in fine, evenly distributed voids within the concrete matrix.
In addition to its low density, properties of foam concrete include pumpability as a fresh concrete mix; and sound absorption and thermal resistance (relative to standard concrete) when cast. Its characteristics indicate possible commercial exploitation of the material in a wide variety of applications and markets, in uses as diverse as interior acoustic demising walls or roadside sound barriers; precast applications such as unit pavers, concrete masonry units, and wall or roof panels; porous paving; low-density backfill in mining; or structural fill under roadways and building foundations. Advantages of foam concrete continue to be recognized, although the material is not yet widely used in Canada. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

John Straube


Justin Breg


Rainbow Concrete Industries Ltd


Engineering - civil






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