Evaluation of Pneumatic Massage in Automotive Seating

This study aims to validate whether a new pneumatic massage system has a physical benefit to drivers. Using two seating conditions (massage and no massage), this study will examine the effects during a one-hour simulated seating task for each condition on separate days. The researchers will measure participant discomfort, low back muscle blood flow/oxygenation, heart rate, and blood pressure. Data for these measures will be collected and analyzed in order to determine if a relationship exists between seating condition and any other variable. An exit survey will be administered after the second trial to record the participant’s preferred seat condition. The massage system is being manufactured by the partner organization with an automotive industry partner. This evaluation of the massage system will provide the partner organization with information that will allow them to satisfy customer demands.

Faculty Supervisor:

David Andrews


Zachary O’Gorman


Schukra of North America




Transportation and warehousing


University of Windsor



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