Evaluation of pollinator restoration and management in The Meadoway

The purpose of this project is to identify bees and evaluate plant-pollinator networks based on the biomonitoring surveys conducted at the Meadoway in 2020 in partnership with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA). The aim of these surveys is to develop a baseline understanding of bee diversity in the Meadoway and evaluate the impacts of restoration, as well, to improve these practices for restoration by TRCA into the future. The intern will conduct timed bee surveys at the Meadoway at sites 1-3 years post restoration and on specific flowers. Bees will be identified to species level and used to develop a synoptic collection for the Meadoway. The plant-pollinator networks will allow the intern to rank plants present in the Meadoway based on attractiveness and value to wild bees. This information will be available to TRCA for their ongoing projects that target biodiversity conservation in public spaces.

Faculty Supervisor:

J. Scott MacIvor


Sisley Irwin


Toronto and Region Conservation Authority







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