Evaluation of self-sovereign identity and ethics of data in public safety

Three in five persons with dementia will wander. This statistic however was derived from the USA, and it is unknown as to how this number was generated and what it specifically entails. The collection of Canadian-based data involving missing persons with dementia in Canada is limited. Secours.io’s initiative of collecting missing persons data generated from partners such as Project Lifesaver, could assist in filling this gap. Due to the sensitivity that arises from vulnerable persons data, this project will focus on identifying balanced, effective and ethical approaches for Secours.io to collect this data. This project will involve a literature review and interviews among key stakeholders across Canada and the USA. Seocurs.io mission is to transform public safety through the collection of data. A partnership with researchers, such as the intern, will provide credibility regarding effective and ethical data collection methods to inform and contribute to decisions about self-sovereign identity.

Faculty Supervisor:

Lili Liu


Noelannah Neubauer


Secours.io Ltd





University of Waterloo



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