Evaluation of smart sprayer for spot-application of agrochemical in wild blueberry fields

There is an urgent need to develop and evaluate an affordable, reliable, real-time variable rate smart sprayer, using affordable sensors/cameras and controllers for spot-specific application of agrochemicals in the wild blueberry cropping system. The main objective of this project is to evaluate the performance of the developed smart sprayer for spot-applications of agrochemicals in wild blueberry fields. The intern working on the smart sprayer will evaluate the smart sprayer in commercial fields to determine the effectiveness of the developed smart sprayer. The intern will also compare the current spraying methods with precision techniques available. Also, a complete economic analysis of the smart sprayer system for wild blueberry field application will be completed using collected field data. Slacks farms currently own 400 acres of their own land under production. The farm also does custom work on the land of other blueberry farmers to assist with their production. Slack Farms understands that research is of the utmost importance in the agricultural sector in order to sustain a viable operation in the 21st century. This research project being proposed will allow increased crop productivity, profit margins, competitiveness, and the sustainability of the wild blueberry industry in NS and across Canada. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Qamar Zaman


Travis Esau


Slack Farms Limited




Environmental industry


Dalhousie University



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