Evaluation of Systemic Implementation of Collaborative and Proactive Solutions for Improving the Well-being of Students at Risk and Their Teachers

One in five youth exhibit maladaptive (i.e., externalizing, oppositional, explosive, aggressive) behaviours. These behaviours are costly in that they are linked to elevated levels of student, teacher, and familial stress. Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (CPS), developed by Dr. Ross Greene (project collaborator) at Harvard University, teaches individuals to explore cognitive, emotional, social, and learning challenges to better understand factors that underlie problem behaviours that when targeted improve child outcomes. Past research has shown that CPS is associated with decreases in parenting and teacher stress and oppositional behaviours in children. This project will extend this research by exploring the process and impact of community-wide training for professionals across the multiple sectors serving these children. We will examine outcomes for children (e.g., behaviour, school engagement and achievement, self-esteem), and professionals and parents (e.g., empathy, stress). A training manual to support further dissemination of CPS in this community (and beyond) will be developed.

Faculty Supervisor:

Karen Milligan


Alexandra Irwin


Point in Time Centre for Children, Youth, and Families






Ryerson University



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