Evaluation of targeted alpha-therapy on patient-derived Glioblastoma cells

Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is the deadliest form of human brain tumors, systematically recurring despite multimodal treatment. As a consequence, the average patient survival is less than 15 months, and is thought to be linked with the presence of brain tumor stem cells (BTSCs) that are implicated in treatment resistance. GBM BTSCs are radiotherapy and chemotherapy resistant, and BTSCs escaping treatment may explain tumor relapse. In the current era of precision medicine, targeted radiotherapy constitutes an attractive strategy for treating intractable disease. By combining the selectivity of immunotherapies with the proven lethality of radio-isotopes we have the opportunity to deliver irreversible damage to a defined cancer cell population while sparing normal tissue. We have developed an in vivo mouse-model that has the distinct advantage of generating recurrent, human, treatment-refractory GBM.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sheila Kumari Singh


Mathieu Seyfrid


Longbow Therapeutics Inc




Medical devices




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