Evaluation of the CACE Homecare Curriculum

In January 2016, the Centre for Ambulatory Care Education (CACE) at Women’s College Hospital completed the Homecare Curriculum. This online, simulation-based program is designed to help personal support workers, nurses, and rehabilitation professionals provide better care for older adults who wish to stay in their homes. The program presents learners with 3 virtual home environments and 3 patient profiles. Alone, or with a team, users navigate these virtual homes, learn about home-based care and complete quizzes that test their comprehension of the material. The proposed research will evaluate the existing curriculum. Results of the study will show opportunities to improve the curriculum and, potentially, evidence to support its expansion. The evaluation will be incorporated into the research work of the intern, as part of a larger study examining the way health professionals learn about old age.

Faculty Supervisor:

Stella Ng


Jacquelin Forsey


VHA Home HealthCare




Medical devices


University of Toronto



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