Evaluation of the effectiveness of photonovel versus standard online information on knowledge, attitudes and practices of parents about healthy screen-time use and management of stomach ache among preschoolers: a Mixed Methods pilot study

In Montreal, ‘Naître et Grandir’ (N&G) website provides online information on child development, health and well-being. In Dalhousie, ‘It doesn’t have to hurt’ (IDHH) provides information on pain management among children. Recently both N&G and IDHH have planned to introduce innovative means to transmit child information on their websites. Research indicates that photonovel is effective mean to convey health information. Photonovel presents a story by using photographs of real people and dialog bubbles having text. The proposed study is aimed to develop and evaluate the effectiveness of electronic photonovels in improving parents’ knowledge, attitude and, practices about healthy screen-time use and management of stomach ache among preschoolers. This study will be conducted at two sites (Montreal and Dalhousie) and in two phases. During Phase-1, photonovels will be developed and during Phase-2, it will be tested that whether these developed photonovels have improved the knowledge, attitude and practices of preschoolers’ parents.

Faculty Supervisor:

Pierre Pluye


Navdeep Kaur





Medical devices




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