Evaluation of the Elder Abuse Prevention and Response Services Program (EAPRS) of Renfrew County

Elder abuse (physical, emotional, sexual, financial abuse, deprivation, neglect) is a pressing social concern. Approximately 10% of seniors in Canada are victims of some form of abuse each year (Department of Justice, 2004). Elder abuse impacts all social, cultural and economic groups. Prevention programs have been put in place to address the underlying causes of abuse, stop it and reduce the prevalence and incidences of abuse. However, the body of research on the effectiveness of elder abuse prevention and the consequences of abuse is sparse. Needed is research that identifies best practices and lessons learned in preventing elder abuse in Canada, and the proposed study will address this question through a particular focus on Renfrew County.

Faculty Supervisor:

Bradley Cousins


France Gagnon


Carefor Health and Community Services




Life sciences


University of Ottawa



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