Evaluation of the OISEAU Application

The project is a program evaluation of the mobile application OISEAU: Agents of Nature, designed by the non-profit organization Morning Star Enterprises. Morning Star has developed individual OISEAU applications for three Calgary Parks locations and the launch is the summer 2013.The application is designed to increase children’s exposure and connection with nature, as well as improve their content knowledge and physical activity. Research consistently shows that children’s physical, cognitive, emotional, and moral development are enhanced by experiences with nature and that interactions with nature aid the development of self-concept, personal identity, and environmental protection. The research will be conducted by Ph.D. student Maxine Crawford, and supervised by Dr. Mark Holder, both of UBC Kelowna.

Faculty Supervisor:

DR. Mark D. Holder


Maxine R. Crawford


Morning Star Enterprises Inc.




Information and communications technologies


University of British Columbia Okanagan



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