Evaluation of Treatment Processes for Greenhouse Wastewater Streams

The greenhouse industry constantly strives for innovative solutions to reduce production costs and environmental footprint. Greenhouses commonly generate process water including nutrient feedwater and other non-production wastewater. They also use fertigation, a soil-less drip irrigation method that requires large quantities of water and nutrients. Due to sharp reduction of available phosphorus (P), P recovery from wastewater streams is an economic opportunity. This research will determine optimum treatment conditions for acidic condensate water from cogeneration process and will explore a combination of mineral sorbents and biological materials to intercept and capture P from greenhouse effluents. Washing out cannabis roots is an important process, which uses large amounts of water; yet there are no standards for its disposal. Properly treated wash water can be recycled back; therefore, wash water treatment will also be evaluated using media filtration and advanced oxidation processes such as ozonation, O3/H2O2 and UV.

Faculty Supervisor:

Madhumita B Ray;Anand Prakash


Waleed Jadaa


Sco-Terra Consulting Group Limited


Engineering - chemical / biological




Western University



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