Evaluation of vascular normalization effect in the tumoral microenvironment

One of the main problems facing current cancer therapies, including chemotherapy and immunotherapy, is the poor functionality of the blood vessels present in tumours. Indeed, tumour blood vessels are highly abnormal, and this leads to poor perfusion, resulting in poor delivery of oxygen to the tumour. This has profound consequences for cancer therapies, as the lack of oxygen in the tumours impedes the tumour-killing functions of immune cells or the diffusion and efficacy of cancer drugs. Our project aims to understand how making better blood vessels in tumours, a process known as vascular normalization, affects all the types of cells that are found in tumours. Overall, this project will lead to a better understanding of how blood vessels affect tumour biology, and how the normalization of vessels can affect tumours and lead to the development of better cancer treatments.

Faculty Supervisor:

Bruno Larrivée


Arthur Forget


PrimeVive Technologies






Université de Montréal



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