Evaluation of viral sensitizer technology for improving influenza vaccine in an egg-basedmanufacturing process Year Two

Vaccination remains the most effective preventative measure for influenza infection. Seasonal influenza epidemics and the emergence of pandemic strains have increased the global demand for influenza vaccines, putting significant pressure on vaccine manufacturers. However, current vaccine manufacturing strategies rely primarily upon production in eggs, an age-old method that needs to be significantly improved. Recently, research from our lab identified a panel of novel compounds termed viral sensitizers (VSes) that increased virus production up to 1000 fold in cultured cells. We hypothesize that VSes can enhance the production of influenza vaccines in eggs. Supported by Mitacs, we propose to work in partnership with Sanofi Pasteur (Toronto, Ontario), to: 1) demonstrate the applicability of VSes for the manufacture of influenza virus vaccines in eggs, and 2) assess the molecular mechanisms leading to VSe-mediated enhancement of influenza vaccine production.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jean-Simon Diallo


Nicole Forbes


Sanofi Pasteur


Biochemistry / Molecular biology


Medical devices


University of Ottawa



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