Evaluation & sensitivity study of behind-the-meter load disaggregation methods

Solar energy generation at commercial and industrial sites has been gaining popularity in recent years. The addition of batteries to existing solar installations can allow for solar to not only be used during the day when the sun is out, but also at night. There however, are various hurdles to this process specifically involving the transparency of the data coming from the solar unit. Several methods have addressed this issue at residential sites and offer promising results. However, these methods have not be tested for various geographies, climates, and operational issues that can arise at commercial and industrial sites. We will attempt to build upon residential PV disaggregation methods using both physics and statistics-based models. If successful, our method will likely allow for energy storage to be added at existing PV locations, increasing the amount of clean energy used in various industries across Canada & North America.

Faculty Supervisor:

Andrea Scott


Daniel Sola


Energy Toolbase




Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Waterloo



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