Evapotranspiration and Bioretention Performance in Stormwater Management

Every time it rains, there is a portion of water that doesn’t get absorbed by plants and soils. That water is known as run-off, and it requires management since it can create high energy flows and pick up harmful chemicals (e.g. fertilizers, pesticides, gasoline, tire wear) off the streets, driveways, and other hard surfaces as it flows towards the natural water bodies. This project is focused on analyzing how much runoff can be absorbed by a plant-soil system called bioretention, and whether specially constructed planting beds can help manage both the volume and the quality of runoff. Bow River Basin Council is dedicated to protecting the waters of the Bow River Basin. Addressing the need to manage stormwater runoff in an ecologically-driven and sustainable way is therefore of great benefit to this organization.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jianxun He


Anton Skorobogatov


Bow River Basin Council


Engineering - civil


Environmental industry


University of Calgary



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