Examination of beneficial effects of copper fabric on cardiometabolic status, and mechanistic role of gut microbiome

Copper has long been proposed to have important biological properties. Designed to deliver the health benefits of copper, CuTEC yarn is a USPTO|EPO patent pending, bio-engineered copper-based yarn that can be produced as products such as clothing and mattress ticking. Although many believe in the positive properties of copper for well-being, many remain retiscent to believe strong anecdotal evidence with regards to benefits of exposing skin to a pure metal or metal alloy. The current project aims to elucidate via robust experimental approaches whether the copper fabric can act to delay or attenuate inflammation, and associated complications, in mice. The new customers that will be generated by positive research are hard to predict, but for the small extra cost per item, Fine Cotton Factory predicts that copper products will dominate the textiles market, and under protection of its filed patents, copyrighted materials, advertising campaigns, internet sales, and first to market benefit, the ensuing revenue generation and exports would be enormous. Data from this project will guide Fine Cotton Factory in their future strategy and potential future collaborative research endeavours. The economic benefit would be robust to the Canadian economy.

Faculty Supervisor:

Gary Sweeney


Vivian Vu


Fine Cotton Factory








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