Examining Best Practices of Engineers Who Have Commercialized Technologies

Entrepreneurship is the embodiment of innovation and its presence is a significant indicator of the power of an economy. Engineering is an essential sector for production of high technology products, services, and jobs, and is often at the forefront of innovation. This research aims to strengthen the current understanding of entrepreneurial success of engineers in Ontario. Data will be gathered from several academic, and business sources, as well as practicing entrepreneurs with engineering backgrounds. This data is expected to yield quantifiable and qualifiable metrics that are linked to engineering entrepreneurs’ success, and will be summarized in a report. Select businesses will also contribute to a success-cases document. A best-practices document will be produced from a combination of the research and the in-depth case studies. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Tamer El-Diraby


Edmund Konroyd-Bolden


Ontario Society of Professional Engineers


Engineering - civil


Management of companies and enterprises




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