Examining ecosystem service changes in the Miyun watershed, China through stakeholder-driven visions of the future

The focus of this project is to explore how livelihoods are affected when changes in ecosystem services within the Miyun watershed occur. Rural households depend on ecosystem services that the landscape provides for their livelihoods. If the availability of these resources were to change, a person’s livelihood may become more vulnerable. Determining possible ecosystem service changes will be performed by scenario building stakeholder workshops. The stakeholders involved in the Miyun watershed include environmental management officials, urban residents and rural residents. Data collection will be in the form of stakeholder scenario building workshops. All of the discussion themes and ideas generated about the future of the Miyun watershed will be collected. The scenarios will reflect the ideas of desirable futures from each group of stakeholders. We expect three or four unique scenarios resulting from the stakeholder workshop meetings from which we can determine possible changes in landscape.

Faculty Supervisor:

Brian Robinson


Rachel Maynard



Geography / Geology / Earth science



McGill University


Globalink Research Award

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