Examining Health & Safety Risk Assessment in the Oil and Gas Industry

This research project in intended to explore the personal health and safety factors that indicate risk in the oil and gas sector and whether there are any early-warning risk factors that exist. In this industry, organizations typically measure risk by analyzing the personal safety of its workers. Currently, personal health and safety is measured using historical data such as the number of workplace injuries over the past month, quarter, year, and so on. This research project will review the monitoring processes currently used for monitoring personal health and safety risk factors in the oil and gas sector, research the most common risks that occur and explore gaps in the existing monitoring processes. The project will use the information to further explore whether there are any preventative risk factors that exist, are measurable and may be able to provide an early warning for risk.

Faculty Supervisor:

Tom Cooper


Sarah Murphy


PhiasCo Collective





Memorial University of Newfoundland



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