Examining Let’s Talk Science’s Canada 2067 Learning Roadmap in evolving approaches to STEM education in a digital world

The current project aims to examine the knowledgebase of both teaching candidate (pre-service) and in-service teachers in 21st century competencies of digital literacy and computational thinking. Additionally, this project seeks to understand how these competencies may be incorporated into faculty of education training programs for teaching candidates. The intern will design, administer, and analyze surveys in partnership with the partner organization through professional development and learning opportunities for in-service teachers. As well, the intern will analyze the current curriculum of Canadian university/college programs in teacher education for themes and courses on digital literacy, computational thinking, and related constructs. This will further her interest in teacher education and school-based research methodologies and provide her with valuable experience with the partner organization to observe how research and industry intersect. The partner organization will gain insight into how the Canada 2067 recommendations could be applied in practice and which approaches may be more successful than others in teacher education.

Faculty Supervisor:

Julie Mueller


Leah Brassard


Let’s Talk Science






Wilfrid Laurier University



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