Examining Post-Implementation Pass Rates of Canadian Wildland Fire Fighters on their Physical Employment Standard.

Wildland fire fighting is a physically demanding public safety occupation. Front-line wildland fire fighters (WFF) must have an appropriate level of job-related fitness for safe and efficient work performance. Beginning in 2011, it was required that all WFF must demonstrate that they are capable of meeting the rigorous physical demands encountered during an initial attack response to a wildland fire. This decision led to the development of the Canadian Physical Performance Exchange Standard for WFF (WFX-FIT). The Health and Fitness Federation of Canada (HFFC) is positioned to play a key role in this initiative by enabling the generation of resource materials for fitness professionals who prepare candidates for passing the WFX-FIT. An increase in the number of Certified Exercise Professionals who are able to provide customized training for WFX-FIT performance would be a definite economic benefit to the HFFC in recruiting and retaining members, to fitness professionals in enhancing their capabilities and to job-seeking WFF applicants.This proposed project has two major objectives; (i) the synthesis and analysis of WFX-FIT pass/fail and injury rates over the years 2011-2016 and (ii) to evaluate age, sex, body mass index and provincial differences in pass/fail plus injury rates.

Faculty Supervisor:

Veronica Jamnik


Robert Gumieniak


Health and Fitness Federation of Canada




Medical devices




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