Examining the operation of Public Pools and Spas in the COVID-19 Era

The COVID-19 pandemic affected every aspect of our lives, and recreational water facilities were not immune to this with several questions and concerns about potential exposure to the virus at these facilities. This research project aims to understand experiences, needs, and attitudes towards the use of recreational water facilities, namely, public pools and spas during the COVID-19 pandemic. Three groups of interest that will be investigated are: 1) public pool and spa staff, 2) members of the public who regularly use recreational water facilities and 3) public health inspectors (PHIs) who conduct inspections at public pools and spas. The partner organization will utilize results to better understand the challenges and develop strategies to support the pool and spa operation.

Faculty Supervisor:

Fatih Sekercioglu;Chun-Yip Hon


Jessica Castellucci


Lowry and Associates


Environmental sciences


Transportation and warehousing


Ryerson University



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