Examining the Relationship between Work Environments, Burnout and Nurse

The purpose of this internship is to identify the relationship between work environments and satisfaction in nurses at York Central Hospital (YCH) in the Emergency Department and Medical/Surgical unit. The intention of this study is to identify the variables proposed in current research, equate to healthy work environments at YCH and to examine other contributing factors such as population acuity, in relation to quality work environments. The intern will provide interventions and study the effect of these on nurse satisfaction. The internship will 1) identify the variables associated with positive and negative work environments 2) identify the differences between variables in relation to workplace setting, critical/acute care versus medical/surgical nursing units 3) explore the variables related to burnout and nurse absenteeism and 4) verify the suggested elements in research that creates quality work environments through research intervention and post intervention analysis. The benefits of this research for YCH will be seen through more satisfied nurses, quality care and reduced financial burden all obtained through the maintenance of health work environments.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Mina Singh


Jessica Coulis


York Central Hospital




Management of companies and enterprises


York University



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