Examining Vocational Opportunities and Supports for Adults with ASD

The project addresses the under-studied area of vocational service for adults with ASD. The study will implement a mixed method research design consisting of: (1) an environmental scan examining vocational services in Alberta, (2) interviews and/or focus groups with adults with ASD and their caregivers examining their experiences and needs related to vocational supports, and (3) interviews and/or focus groups with employers or service agency personnel reviewing their processes and needs related to supporting adults with ASD. It is anticipated that the study will result in a greater understanding of needs, barriers and opportunities related to vocational success specific to ASD. Community practice and policy implications and recommendations will be provided, along with an extensive knowledge translation strategy.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. David Nicholas


Mathew Milen


Sinneave Family Foundation


Social work


Life sciences


University of Calgary



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