Examining Water Quality Parameter Testing Processes at Ontario Public Pools and Spas: Opportunities and Barriers

This research project aims to explore the experiences of public pool and spa staff in meeting the regulatory requirements for water parameter testing and understand user behaviours, needs, and attitudes towards pool and spa water testing equipment. Two groups of interest are Public Health Inspectors (PHIs) who are mandated to conduct inspections at public pools and spas and public pool and spa staff. The regulatory changes made in 2018 require pool and spa operators to test water chemistry parameters on a more frequent basis. Knowledge and user comfort when utilizing the water testing equipment are vital in maintaining the pool and spa in a sanitary manner. The research project utilizes a mixed-methods approach using surveys and focus group discussions with PHIs and pool and spa staff in southwestern Ontario.

Faculty Supervisor:

Fatih Sekercioglu


Jessica Castellucci


Lowry and Associates


Environmental sciences




Ryerson University



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