Exfoliation of graphite within polypropylene compounds by melt compounding

In this project we will employ melt compounding to obtain finely delaminated graphite/polypropylene composites, suitable for automotive applications. The targeted applications involve composites having electrostatic dissipative properties and high flexural modulus. High purity graphite, prepared by a proprietary method developed by the sponsoring organization, Grafoid, will be melt compounded with polypropylene and polypropylene-based thermoplastic olefin blends. Suitable compatibilizers will be chosen to enhance the interfacial interactions between the graphite platelets and the polymer matrix, thus improving the dispersion, and the mechanical properties. The resulting composites will be characterized in detail to assess their morphology, physical properties and electrical conductivity. Optimum conditions for melt compounding will be identified, including temperature, rotation speed, and residence time, with the purpose to optimize the formulations to suit the needs of the industrial partner. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Marianna Kontopoulou


Osayuki Osazuwa


Grafoid Inc


Engineering - chemical / biological


Advanced manufacturing




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