Expanded graphite/thermoplastic composites

This research will develop an easy to implement compounding process to produce thermoplastic composites containing delaminated graphene platelets, starting from a proprietary exfoliated graphite product (MesographTM). MesoGraf is a highly-exfoliated product that contains near defect-free, few-layered and multi-layered graphene. Graphene nanoplatelets have high mechanical and conductive properties and can thus impart high strength, electrical and thermal conductivity when combined with suitable polymer matrices. The main target area for the resulting composites will be value-added products, such as light-weight automotive and aerospace components. The supporting organization is Grafoid, a Canadian company based in Kingston, Ontario. The knowledge generated by this project has the potential to provide new value-added products at a substantially reduced cost to various Canadian industrial sectors, including the advanced materials, automotive, manufacturing and alternative energy sector.

Faculty Supervisor:

Marianna Kontopoulou


Quang Binh Ho


Grafoid Inc


Engineering - chemical / biological


Advanced manufacturing




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