Expanding SIKU across the Canadian Arctic: an Inuit-driven platform for climatechange resiliency and self-determination

For the Inuit communities that reside in the Canadian Arctic, climate change and regional development have impacted people’s access to essential resources and their preservation of Inuit knowledge. By partnering with the Arctic Eider Society (AES) and Ocean Wise Ikaarvik program, I will translate my primary research in phytoplankton remote sensing into relevant information for northern communities using SIKU.org, an information sharing and social media platform that provides tools for monitoring, archiving and responding to environmental change. Combining field research, satellite remote sensing and engagement efforts to co-develop SIKU with communities across Nunavut, this partnership will shed light on localized patterns of marine ecosystem change across the Canadian Arctic coastline. Ultimately, these endeavors will build capacity for northern communities to manage environmental knowledge and adapt to climate change.

Faculty Supervisor:

Philippe Tortell


Sarah Rosengard


Ocean Wise



Fisheries and wildlife


University of British Columbia



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