Expanding the capabilities of a neurosurgery software platform to provide clinical solutions for advanced spinal cord imaging and intra-operative guidance

Pathologic changes that occur in the cervical spinal cord as a result of injury and disease are not well characterized with current clinical imaging techniques. Synaptive Medical has recently developed a suite of innovative medical imaging products focused on the brain and image-guided neurosurgery. They are interested in investigating the potential application of these technologies beyond the brain. Leveraging the expertise in spine imaging analysis, 3D visualization and surgical simulation at Sunnybrook Research Institute and the University of Toronto Spine Program, the objective of this project will be to use Synaptive’s magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technologies to better characterize pathologic changes of the spinal cord and guide complex cervical spine interventions. For Synaptive, this represents an opportunity to extend use of their specialized imaging and navigation techniques into a new clinical area focused on the cervical spine.

Faculty Supervisor:

Cari Whyne


Stewart McLachlin


Synaptive Medical Inc.




Life sciences


University of Toronto



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