Experiences and perceptions of newcomer women navigating sexual and reproductive health in Metro Vancouver: Facilitators and barriers to access for screening, treatment and care of HIV & STI

As the number of im/migrant women in British Columbia (BC) continues to grow – the majority of whom are of reproductive age- there is a need to ensure that im/migrant women have adequate access to healthcare, including sexual health services. While BC is one of Canada’s top destinations for im/migrants, robust evidence regarding im/migrant women’s access to sexual health screenings (e.g., HIV, sexually transmitted infections) is particularly lacking. This study will assess the experiences and perceptions of im/migrant women on access to HIV & STI services, and will elucidate im/migration-related structural barriers and facilitators to inequities in navigating and accessing these services. The partner university for this work is Simon Fraser University and the partner organization is the Centre for Gender and Sexual Health Equity (CGSHE), an independent research centre at Providence Health Care whose mandate is to advance gender and sexual health equity for marginalized populations by informing policy and practice with the best available science. CGSHE is comprised of a diverse team of researchers, clinicians, community-based staff, trainees, and policy and community-based partners with diverse expertise in the areas of im/migrant health, HIV/STIs, clinical and community-based im/migrant support, and clinical practice.

Faculty Supervisor:

Shira Goldenberg;Tania Bubela


Germaine Tuyisenge


Centre for Gender & Sexual Health Equity




Professional, scientific and technical services


Simon Fraser University



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